Exposing a scammer

Hello. This is Lin from Muks-Store.com. I would like to bring attention to an issue that has been an escalating problem within our website and the replica community. 

Chargeback scams.

If you are unaware, chargeback scams are when a buyer buys a pair (it is normally multiple pairs costing hundreds of dollars) and then claim to their bank that it was an unauthorized charge. The customer gets his money AND his new shoes while Muks (or the seller) loses hundreds of dollars. This has happened several times over the last MONTH and it has become a major problem. Thousands of dollars lost by people like this and today we would like to chose one specifically. 

To protect his identity we will not reveal his full name or address. 

T. Helms of Oro Valley, Arizona scammed us for $543 over the past week(https://imgur.com/a/g8CUS)

He ordered $448 worth of shoes yet we had to return $95 via paypal because one pair was out of stock.  We returned the money to a clothing company email, so we assume that these are the people who charged back. 

The reason we chose this man is because we were kind enough to RETURN MONEY TO HIM just for us to be scammed. We trusted this man with our personal paypal and he abused of that trust. We lost nearly $100 more. 

After steady communication and constantly asking for tracking numbers, his packages finally arrived so it was time for him to block us on Skype and charge back(https://imgur.com/a/wkGzT)

We mean no harm to any of these people but it needs to be understood that this is a business, not a game. If this resumes, we will have no option but to expose everyone else that charges back.  Thank you for your time. 

- Muks-store.com