1. What happens after I place my order?

After we have confirmed payment, you should be e-mailed photos of the product(s) to be shipped out in the next 48 hours. After you have confirmed that you are satisfied with the photos, we will ship the product(s) within the next 48 hours. Sometimes it may take longer than 48 hours to receive the photos if stock is unstable--if we are unable to get the product several days in a row, a refund may be necessary.

Once shipped, ePacket/EMS packages usually arrive in 7-14 days, while DHL packages usually arrive in 5-7 days.

Under rare circumstances, packages may be delayed by customs for up to a month. The probability is low, but unfortunately can never be completely ruled out, regardless of courier. If you have stll not received your package after one month from the shipment date, it may be unrecoverable and you will have to contact us about re-shipping the product.

2. Why isn't my tracking number working/why haven't I received a tracking number yet?

It may take a day or two after shipping for your number to become active. For DHL, we first receive a temporary tracking number as the package ships to Hong Kong. This number will not work, so we don't send it to you. Once the package reaches Hong Kong (usually 2-3 days), DHL will send a functional tracking number to your mobile phone. If this does not happen after 3 days, you can contact us for the number.

3. Why am I not receiving order/website e-mails?

Sometimes, e-mails from our website are marked as spam by your e-mail service provider. Other times, especially with Gmail, it seems that notification e-mails (such as those for password resets) are not able to be received. This should not affect QC e-mails, however. We're working on a solution but at the moment, anyone who cannot login will unfortunately have to create an account using a new e-mail, or place orders with us via our support e-mail rocksneakers@foxmail.com.

4. Why can't DHL shipments for some shoes be double-boxed?

For shoes with larger shoeboxes (e.g. V2s, 750s), double boxing exceeds the dimension specifications for DHL shipping, bumping shipping calculations into the "volumetric weight" bracket. This can bring the shipping total from 25 USD to 40 USD or more. This is because volumetric weight is calculated using the formula length*width*height/5000, resulting in a figure much higher than the actual weight of the package. However, we have no problem double boxing if the customer accepts the additional shipping charge.

5. Why is my transaction failing when I pay by credit/debit card?

1. Your bank is blocking payment. You will need to call your bank and tell them to allow the transaction.
2. Your billing information is incorrect.
3. Your card and/or information has been flagged as high risk. This could mean it is associated with chargebacks or fraudulent activity.
4. Our payment processor has trouble accepting debit card payments.

For 3 and 4, we recommend using the DHGate option at checkout as an alternative.

6. KO, PK, BC, H12, Fixed Pull Tab? Which do I buy?

If you are unsure of which to buy, feel free to ask us at rocksneakers@foxmail.com for our recommendation.

7. Why do refunds take so long to process?

We actually submit your refund request fairly quickly, within a day in most cases. But after we submit a refund request to our payment processor, it's out of our hands. The payment processor - > credit card network - > banks then have to pass the request through their own internal checklists, which takes time. This is especially true for international transactions.